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I love working from home for face-to-face sessions, and also virtually, to connect with you wherever you are on the planet.  I offer a (no cost)20-minute taster session to see if there is a fit for us both :-)   Contact me by email, or on 07803 04 66 53 to arrange.  Payment can be made by paypal to my email address: morag@morag-paterson.co.uk as a 'gift' for virtual sessions, or before/after the face-to-face session in cash please. Scroll down to bottom of page to book.

After the initial consultation, my suggested fee is £140 per 60 mins, £280 for 90 minutes.   You can also choose to book both at the same time - the free 20-minute taster, followed by a full session, which may be a 'concoction' and include Access Consciousness, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other energy techniques - whatever fits in the moment. Alternatively, sometimes 10 minutes pre session and 10 after (20 mins in total) works well for us both.  I am also open to the 'gift economy' - that is, paying what you feel the work is worth, which depends on the change in feeling and being that you experience :-)  A 'base-line' could be £60 per hour - I am open to more or less too depending on circumstances, context and your choice/situation and perceived value. 

It may suit to book a few sessions over a couple of months, or sometimes it works well to 'get clear' then see how you go, and get back in touch whenever you feel like a 'top up', or further 'clearing'.  Life as a human-being is an ongoing process of clearing, new awarenesses and insights :-)  I may suggest things to do between sessions, plus practice and tools, and email contact, while you metamorph - from caterpillar, through crysallis stage to the beautiful emergence of you as your unique version of butterfly. It's helpful to be in touch, to remind us of the natural process that unfolds ... which we can easily forget ;-, as a reminder of the higher 'frequencies' which sometimes we forget...

We can meet face-to-face (if our geographic locations allow), by phone or virutally, and even across the Field :-) And you can stay connected through High-Vibe-Tribe FaceBook and YouTube (coming soon).  I am also currently developing a course: 'The Great Remembering", which will be accessible both in sections and as a full one-year course, on-line and in-person, integrating colleagues from around the world who will contribute their own unique authenticity to the mix.  Exciting!

I offer distance-work, as well as hands-on techniques which I practice from Nairn, Moray Coast and from client locations.   You can send me the issue by email, and I can work on it from a distance.  You can 'bank' an amount, and I will keep track of the time spent, with your feedback as to felt-sense of shift.  Please contact me directly by email or by phone + 44 (0)7803 04 66 53. Please also talk to me about 'low-cost option' - I offer a couple of slots a week at £25 per hour so that anyone can access change if they choose. 

You may choose to come and stay for a re-treat in this sweet place on the riverbank, by the sea: 3 nights and 2 days works well. See 'what people say' and please contact me to discuss if you feel this is for you.  

I wonder what is possible for you and I and all of us when we choose to feel 'light'?



up to 60 minutes
up to 60 minutes
face-to-face, by Skype or
or distance (time can be split or 'banked' over a period of time)

and can include a further 20 minutes if you take it as an extension to a taster session.
up to 60 minutes£140.00
up to 90 minutes
up to 90 minutes
face to face, or by Skype

up to 90 minutes£280.00
Access Consciousness
Access Consciousness
'Running the Bars' session, in person

Also Access Consciousness Skype session

Access Consciousness£140.00
1 Day re-Treat
1 Day re-Treat
Come and spend a day - or 2 - to unwind, identify and let go of any 'stuckness', explore particular areas or issues, get clear and be you ... we'll go with the flow, you can learn practical tools to stay 'aligned with self', enjoy an energy session, walk on the beach, swim in the sea .. delicious concoctions to eat, and even airbnb if you like :-) It's a treat. How much fun can we have? What else is possible?
Open to individuals and small group re-Treats (£450 per day, per person, and an additional £50 per night/food - ). If arriving the day before and leaving the day after, plus 1/2 day. An ideal scenario seems 3-nights-and-2-days, with 3 hours 'work' each day, and the rest 'being-time'. Contact me directly to arrange/discuss other possibilities.
1 Day re-Treat£450.00
Half-day re-Treat
Half-day re-Treat
Half a day one-to-one, including a 1.5 hour energy session and like the full-day, whatever else fits to help you to be all you can be. Airbnb can be added to the half day... £50 additional fee.
Half-day re-Treat£300.00
Space Clearing - house/wardrobe - 1 day
Space Clearing - house/wardrobe - 1 day
"What's outside is reflected inside, and what's inside is reflected outside' is a Feng Shui principle. Working with the 'outside' is a powerful way to feel more 'spacious' and live life with more ease and joy, and see how it changes our 'internal world'. Half-day also possible - be in contact with me to discuss possibilities.
Space Clearing - house/wardrobe - 1 day£480.00
Finding your unique and authentic style
Finding your unique and authentic style
Discover - or remember - your natural and unique style ... delight in a simple, clear, inter-connecting range of clothing that fits in every way .... and feel the difference. Wearing what is 'you' helps you to feel and be more 'you' - happy, alive, living with ease - and it is becomes easy to let go of the 'old look' clothes, clear out the wardrobe, make different choices - it can change how you feel about your life. It worked for me ....

Maybe you need help making choices for a particular situation? Maybe you have loads of 'stuff' and don't feel happy with any of it? It's easy to learn what is 'you' and to shape a daily living wardrobe. We can do a series of 1.5 hour sessions to guide you to knowing and hearing yourself, discover your own way of being, shop for your style, clear out the wardrobe ... and feel 'lighter' in so many ways :-)

Please be in touch to discuss/guide fee.

Finding your unique and authentic style£480.00
Energy Clearing - workplace
Energy Clearing - workplace
When things 'get stuck' in your world of 'work' ...
space clearing, freeing up blocked energy - identifying stuck beliefs, thoughts, patterns, values ... Simple, fun, magical and can be transformational. Please be in contact with me to discuss further. Can offer on a day basis, or over longer time as consultancy.

Contact me to discuss further :-)
Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting
Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting
EFT - 3 day course
Emotional Freedom Techniques
with Morag Paterson, Advanced EFT practitioner

and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

Get 'switched on' to yourself! And delete old patterns, thoughts, beliefs and 'other people's stuff' ...

EFT is a fabulous, simple technique which integrates aspects of Chinese medicine, kinesiology, NLP, psychotherapy and ‘talking therapy’ to tune into negative emotions using words, metaphors & imagery and stimulate your energy system by tapping on key energy points to release emotional blocks, with resulting positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing. This shift of energy results in substantial freedom from emotional and physical symptoms and literally rewires energy disruptions – often eliminating them entirely: in some instances, quickly! Great for ‘being all we can be’ and general wellbeing, and including easing:
tress Insomnia Anxiety
Panic Attacks Addictions & Food Cravings Abundance
Weight Loss Negative Thoughts Headaches
Pain Traumatic Memories Insomnia
Depression Anger Phobias/Fears
Allergies Grief and Loss Abuse
Motivation Sexual Dysfunction Limiting beliefs
Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting£345.00
Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting - 2 Day Course
Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting - 2 Day Course
Emotional Freedom Techniques with Matrix Reimprinting - 2 Day Course£225.00


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