Story so far:

consciousness fan, in-the-moment writer, nature & fun lover, ease facilitator, certificate/qualifcation collector, bi-lingual global people-shifter, synergist, new-science fanatique, metaphysical inquirer, authenticity seeker, sea swimmer, space-clearer, joy & ease & glory creator, social commentator, observer, photo-shooter, teacher in the world, 'leadership developer', roaming reporter, assistant swan-lady, energy healer, litter-picker-upperer, vegetarian-vegan-like, pancreatic cancer experiencer, virtual mermaid, natural hair stylist, wardrobe re-thinker, all-round enthusiast, all-sorts dancer, wine importer, funky clothes designer, creative enterpriser, cellular nutritionist, life model, mother-sister-daughter-grandmother-friend-colleague-fellow global citizen, social enterpriser, sun and moon worship-er, fresh air/space lover, Gold Finger golden-girl, MBA tutor, dynamic-project facilitator ..

now (August 2022)

  • simply being 
  • guide | consultant | coach | ease facilitator | synergist 
  • expertise in health & happiness | career & life | transition & transformation | emergent leadership
  • writing a book or 2 (or more) 
  • starting a YouTube Channel, and 2 x blogs (mystery dis-eases | nutrition | energy medicine)
  • developing course of 'simply being now' - guide to being who we are
  • in-house corporate career support and outplacement (career counselling and coaching, outplacement, recruitment and retention, cross-cultural relocation assessment) working with leading career transition organisations
  • bringing 'simply being now' to individuals, micro and SME organisations and whoever else is curious
  • nurturing and transforming a company limited by guarantee - somethingmore 
  • open to infinite possibilities

and previously

  • co-created coaching circle to facilitate others to faciliatate others in holistic conscious coaching
  • leadership, management development & coaching with a major oil organisation across the world
  • transition and change management 
  • facilitated dynamic, multi-sector, transnational partnerships and projects - EU northern periphery
  • university research & development, university tutor
  • created multiple micro and small entrepreneurial start-ups - own businesses - and business coach
  • teaching in Africa and the Caribbean
  • spoke at several conferences on authentic leadership
  • published chapter on personal transition; wrote several articles on transformation 
  • developed excellent French (some Italian, and a smattering of Arabic)
  • created clothes design business, co-created furniture design company
  • began multiple hubs to cluster together to learn and evolve
  • and more ...

through all of this:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - advanced practitioner
  • Matrix Reimprinting - practitioner
  • Metamorphic Technique - practitioner
  • Bars Access Consciousness - practitioner
  • Theta Healing - practitioner
  • Cellular Nutrition & Wellness Coach


  • MSc in Entrepreneurship
  • Chartered MCIPD
  • Post Grad Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Further Education Teaching Certificate
  • with a range of assessment tools including Spiral Dynamics Integral (levels 1 & 2)
  • multiple trainings in and around nutrition
  • 32 homes, 23 countries
  • and more ...



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