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Sometimes - often! - we live our work life as if by accident. I did!  We are shaped by other people’s expectations of what we should do, we are effected by peers’ decisions and choices, and by the media, magazines and even world events. And more recently, we are effected by 'pandemic', Credit Crunch, global changes, local adjustments or knock-on effects.  Quite suddenly the carpet is pulled from under us, and we are 'forced' to seriously and quickly take stock of our lives.   Or suddenly we wake up and know that we want to do something more with our lives.  Or a variation on these two themes. Or anything else! We can be limited by absolutely anything and everything ...

If you have been secure in your job or career, then you may be going through a period of transition as your organisation down-sizes or re-locates in its response to the changing and dynamic world of business, with globalisation and outsourcing on the increase.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are in your career life cycle, whether you are in transition, if you want some kind of clarity or confirmation of your path, or if you are feeling for creating new enterprise - let's see if I can help|guide or point to new awareness.

Taking an integral and holistic approach, these sessions can help you deepen your understanding of yourself, to identify your mission or calling in life, and set you on your way.

My core contribution is to help you to recognise, acknowledge and accept your current and emerging needs, including what you don't want,  clarifying what you do want, clearing any limiting beliefs, strengthening you-to-you (I know: more interesting language :-)), outlining practice to keep you tuned into your vision, guiding you to recognise what fits and what doesn't, what feels 'light' and what feels 'heavy' - key to making choices that work for you, and free you up to enjoy life. So that you become more and more aligned with multi-dimensional, multi-faceted life experience.  

I also offer simple and super-effective CV development methodology, interview and negotiation techniques - all interconnected and easy to 'get', so that you become free to 'know' what is 'light' or 'heavy' and the rest naturally unfolds ...

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