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"growing up, waking up, clearing up, showing up"‚Äč (Ken Wilber)

You - you are likely to be looking for 'something more' if you are drawn here and this site. Something is perceived as missing, or something is getting in the way of clarity and peace.  You could be challenged by personal upheaval, new awareness, redundancy at work, transition of all sorts. In any case, you are asking questions.   See 'book a session' for more information. 

You and your own enterprise - if you are 'waking up' to the notion that there is more than a single 'bottom-line' in business, and are looking to be you in the world by setting up your own micro-enterprise so that you can make a contribution your own unique way, I can help coach and support you to 'step up'.

Your business or organisation - are you feeling 'stuck' in your business? Is the business itself or the office space and place feeling 'stuck'?  Or is the organisation moving on, and do you want to help your people make sense of change, and to either be healthy within a transition in the organisation, or feel strong and empowered to move on to new possibilities outwith the organisation?

I offer a 2 hour overview session, with add-ons to explore options as required, to give you a sense of where the blocks are, and how to ease them so that you, your place and space, and business flows more easily and abundantly.


integrative | resonance | unifying | synchronistic | synergising | holistic 

With experience in a wide range of corporate environments, both nationally and internationally, with nearly 30 years' experience of transition and work & life consulting.  Whilst seemingly diverse, transition and transformation has been at the heart of all that I have done and all that I am.

Integral: "an essential part of, intrinsic to, intact, inclusive of everything entire, whole". This is the core of my work, and is based on frameworks developed on Integral Theory (see books & resources) and the New Sciences. 

Please be in contact if you 'resonate' with any of this :-) 



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