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getting it together

For youngsters at school, school leavers, further and higher education students.  Clearing 'what other people say' 'what we should be doing' thereby refining individuals unique skills, interests, insights and desires to align with ease to possibilities in the world where the greatest contribution can be made, enjoyably, putting 'all of us first'. 

living life with ease

Whatever is currently showing up - physical, mental or emotional dis-ease, or symptoms, across the population. People experiencing symptoms of 'stress' and distress for whatever reasons, elderly with mobility or health issues, young people with alcohol or drug issues.  This programme gives individuals simple ways to bring wellbeing and balance into our lives, with tools, techniques and practices, and simple holistic understanding of how the world, including each of us and our whole bodies, might fit together. 


styling - clothes|style|colour & possibly hair

What's outside is reflected inside, what's inside is reflected outside, so it is said.

Getting the inner and the outer 'aligned' can be part of the transformation to being you. Simple re-framing of your clothes, style, colours ... wardrobe clear-out, and can include shopping trip to create essential mini-collection and to help you gain confidence in knowing and choosing what brings you alive - from outside in, and inside-out. 

Simple styling of hair to help to bring you back to yourself, for your authentic feel and look, and in following how it naturally wants to be :-)  At your own home or in my studio space.  Integrating head massage and energy point stimulation to clear 'old stuff'.









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