what people say

"You change people's realities". Actor, Canada

"Thank you so much for today, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am ready to move on with my life.    I feel so much better and have “relearned” much forgotten buried good stuff". Barbara K, Nairn

"Thank you very much for helping me find strength and positivity during a transition in my work life, indeed, my life .   You coached me to a space where I could truly gather and simplify priorities .   I have returned to work with a more balanced approach along with exercises to keep me on the road I want when it gets a bit bumpy." Nancy L, Transformation Leader, London

"You told me if I clearly stated what I was looking for, it would find me! You also told me the dividends would be priceless. You were so right!". Lisa Dance, HR transformation & Technology Expertise

"People with opinions that run contrary to the norm have never been more vulnerable yet more necessary. The type of work you do and the forums you provide are absolutely essential at a time like this. Diversity, freedom, tolerance, justice, truth, compassion, faith - these must surely be highter on the world's debating agenda than ever before.  Keep well, keep thinking and keep motivating. You are a star". Sam Maynard, film maker

"Morag in a uniquely inspired, creative and personable life coach who always leaves me energised and bristling with new ideas after every session. I've experienced her operating in both large group and one to one settings, and she adapts her advice and expertise brilliantly to any environment. She things big, bold and broad, and is excellent at identifying connections and opportunities you might never have considered. She's also well connected and extremely generous in sharing the people, organisations and connections that have helped her build her own working reality. I look forward to connecting with her again in the future as I embark on my new adventure of seeking out exciting new business opportunities". Stephen Mackintosh, Freelance Maths & Science Educator and Outreach Astronomer 

"I believe I have struck a gold mine with regards to the type of coach that will be able to support me going forward as I unfurl what is important to me and what sort of job will be the right one to meet my needs and therefore will enhance my chance of obtaining such a role. I want to thank Morag very much for her techniques she has provided and well as other useful material that is moving me forward.' James Murphy, client

"The coaching sessions with Morag have been interesting and thought provoking. After many years of living corporate values and behaviours Morag helped me go back to what really moves me. Whilst exploring these options, Morag made sure I kept my focus and pace. Now I feel ready to move to the next stage in my life". Kitty van Vloten Martin, Supply Chain Professional

“We were meant to meet today.  Your energy just goes into every single cell and fibre of my being – it’s just wonderful. Since I saw you I feel fabulous and a huge shift has definitely taken place". Helen Paterson, client

"Morag is a wonderful bright and bubbly Spirit that shines through in all of my co-coaching and Founder Circle meetings with her. She draws on a wide range of approaches together with the depth of her own personal healing experience to bring a lightness of touch that is both intuitive and insightful. I always look forward to my times with Morag and know that I will leave with greater clarity and renewed feeling of strength and aliveness". Mike Bell, Circle Leader at CEC

"Really helpful. Thanks Morag – such an inspirational woman | Inspirational session. |Thank you for being positive and making things seem possible and easy.| Brilliant as every session has been – go go Morag! |Excellent. |I am now asking the question ‘why?’ and being honest. | Challenging my way of thinking.| Very thought-provoking.| Challenging thinking.| Useful and insightful. | Grey-matter stirring! | You are a gem, an absolute hoot - you are ACE!"" range of workshop comments

"I thought I'd let you know that I seemed to have a physical release in my back during our call. There's a point in my lower back that became immobile for no clear reason a couple of years ago so I was unable to do a couple of pilates moves that had previously been easy. During our call I felt something move at that point in my back and at pilates it seems that that those vertebrae are now shifting back to mobility. Which is pure delight!" Sue Boulter, career/life client 

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