I've been working with Herbalife for over 25 years, supporting people to explore improved health and wellbeing for themselves and others. It can be life-changing. 

Herbalife offers a powerful and simple 'cellular nutrition' programme as a core building block to nourish the body, and can be enjoyed as a way-in to health and wellbeing, weight loss, energy gain and increased sports performance.  It is a powerful vehicle for change and new choices.

Herbalife has a 30+ year history and is available in over 90 countries. The products are available through a network of distributors (relationship or network marketing model) and I love that the company offers the possibility - particularly in these times of mega-transition and change in the world - to access an additional part-time or full-time income stream, helping friends/family and others to discover different options for holistic health, including income.  

If you like, I am happy to help you to explore this - and other possibilities -  having been part of multiple training & development events nationally and internationally over the years.  These days, I keep things very, very simple ...

See Herbalife website - www.herbalife.com/uk -  for further information and my own Herbalife site:


I am also happy to talk by email, phone or skype and you can order directly with me and pay simply with PayPal. 

morag@morag-paterson.co.uk or +44 (0)7803 04 66 53









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